Aquaklear P Range

The Aquaklear P range has been designed to treat limescale, as well as bacteria and algae in commercial swimming pools, and in specific industrial settings, e.g. cooling towers.

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The AquaKlear P Range is a radical system that changes the traditional method of chemicals, chlorines, and flocculants/ coagulants usage. Using AquaKlear radically reduces costs, time & energy consumption.

The benefits to bathers are enormous, making the use of the pool a pleasurable experience. Maintenance managers benefit enormously from using the Aquaklear system, assisting with the safe and secure management of the swimming pool.

The AquaKlear P range is also adaptable for the whole range of pipe sizes found in commercial swimming pools, and industry. Custom units can be made to fit larger pipes.

Common applications of the AquaKlear P Range

  • Commercial Swimming Pools
  • Cooling Towers
  • Large & complex limescale applications
Additional Information

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