HydroFLOW S Range

Designed and manufactured specifically for the High Pressure Steam Boiler. This wholly unique technology does not work against nature, but encourages the natural physical reaction to occur precipitating all carbonates in suspension.

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The HydroFLOW S Range has been designed and developed to replace conventional forms of water treatment. It allows the safe operation of Steam Boilers without the need for expertise in chemical water treatment.
Now the Hydroflow S Range offers a radical alternative solution: chemical-free, pollution-free. Therefore the large expense and the detrimental impact on the environment from chemical usage is diminished with the Hydroflow S Range.

The Hydroflow S Range is adaptable to cover all the range of Steam boilers on the market (except boilers used in steam turbines). And is also adaptable for the whole range of pipe sizes found in Steam Boilers. Custom units can be made to fit larger sizes.

Common Applications for the Hydroflow S Range

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Commercial Launderies
  • Garment Manufacturers
  • Land Fill Sites
Additional Information

S45, S60, S100, S120, S160