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Electronic Water Conditioners

Residential Products

When you install the compact electronic HydroFlow water conditioning system in your home you will enjoy a consistent hard water solution that will deliver a measurable, economic benefit, while making a substantial improvement to our environment. HydroFlow’s electronic water conditioners install in about the time it takes to change a water filter. No plumbing is required.

You may already be questioning the practicality and cost of a system that demands ongoing monitoring, maintenance, significant space in your home, the lugging of heavy bags and the never ending cost of salt/chemicals. In addition to these practical issues, consider the environmental impact and the cost of energy and you have to ask yourself, isn’t there a better way?

HydroFlow units are available for home spas, saunas, swimming pools, and recreational vehicles. Their small size means they can be unhooked and taken with you when you move.

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Even small changes can lessen the impact on the environment and deliver real benefits. Technologically advanced solutions can provide new and better methods that result in less waste, reduced energy consumption and labour, with greater cost savings.

All HydroFLOW systems comply with European and North American safety standards (CE, UL, CSA) and follow strict quality control as an ISO 9001 Registered Firm, based in the UK, all products are certified to the requirements of ISO. 9001:2000