How much is Limescale Costing You?

How much is Limescale Costing You?

Appliances operate most efficiently when there is continuous water flow over the surfaces of heating elements. Given that roughly 85% of homes in the U.S have hard water, limescale is often generated on pipes and heating coils, blocking this water movement throughout appliances.

While limescale build-up is commonly recognized in kettles and on your shower head, the damaging effects on your washing machine may not be as visually obvious.  As mentioned above, hard water can contribute to limescale coating the heating element inside of your washing machine. Like other appliances once limescale forms internally, problems begin to arise within your washing machine, which may be minor initially, but often can lead to bigger problems down the road. Even a small layer of limescale can reduce your washing machine’s efficiency by roughly 11 percent. As the scale increasingly develops, the efficiency of your washing machine decreases.

Limescale build-up is not only a hassle to deal with but it can also lead to unnecessary expenses that can put quite the burden on your wallet.

Costs Involved with Limescale

The first sign of this unpleasant substance may be present by noticing a reduction in water pressure, waiting a long time for hot water.

Limescale build-up can:

  • Reduce the longevity of appliances, and shower mixers
  • Increase energy bill, as pumps are forced to work harder
  • Cause heating elements to get too hot, resulting in premature breakdown of appliance

Minimize Your Costs with Prevention:

Rather than spending considerable money and time fighting the symptoms of limescale, consider a long-term solution that will contribute to the longevity of your appliance, and greater savings down the road.

The most economic and efficient way to fight limescale caused by hard water is to install an electronic water conditioner. Why consider this one- time purchase?

  • It removes any current limescale build-up and prevents future occurrences
  • Uses minimal energy
  • Can be easily installed
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Most importantly, saves you money!

You will quickly find that your new water conditioning solution will pay for itself through water conservation, energy savings, and by extending the life of your washing machine and other household appliances.

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