Questions & Answers

What is Hard Water

Hard water is water that has high mineral content (mainly calcium and magnesium ions) (in contrast with soft water). Hard water minerals primarily consist of calcium (Ca2+), and magnesium (Mg2+) metal cations, and sometimes other dissolved compounds such as bicarbonates and sulfates. Calcium usually enters the water as either calcium carbonate (CaCO3), in the form of limestone and chalk, or calcium sulfate (CaSO4), in the form of other mineral deposits. The predominant source of magnesium is dolomite (CaMg(CO3)2). Hard water is generally not harmful to one’s health.

Does the technology also de-scale, as well as prevent scale?

Yes, although it may be a gradual process over a period of months. The way in which our technology prevents lime scale from forming on pipe work also increases the solvicity of water – meaning that any lime scale, which had already formed, will gradually dissolve. Some customers have reported seeing results in a couple of days. Results may vary according to present conditions in each application.

Are products guaranteed?


Hydroflow units are guaranteed for a period of one year from date of purchase. If the red light does not glow and the water conditioner has not been physically broken through misuse, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

The Hydroflow units should be returned direct to the Company with proof of purchase, any unauthorized attempt to repair the unit will invalidate this guarantee. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Warranty – Money Back Offer

The warranty period with respect to fitness for purpose for Hydroflow units is twelve months from date of purchase. If after a period of more than six months after installation but not later than twelve months after installation the end user demonstrates that the Hydroflow units failed to prevent build-up of encrusting scale, the Company will refund the end user / purchaser. The money back offer applies only where the Hydroflow units has been installed in accordance with the Company’s recommendations. The Company will not accept responsibility for the build-up of encrusting scale on heating and hot water equipment which has not been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Your statutory rights are not affected.


Under no circumstances will the company accept claims arising out of failure of the Hydroflow unit/s, nor will the company accept any liability for consequential damage caused by the effectiveness and efficiency of the Hydroflow unit/s e.g. where there is the possibility of loose scale particles being allowed to enter the system or process unfiltered. An end users rights are restricted to those set out in the guarantee and the money back offer.

The company will not accept responsibility for water leaks that are revealed by the dissolving of scale. The company will not accept responsibility for any problems resulting from the disconnection of the power supply to the Hydroflow unit. The company accepts that certain types of encrusting scale once formed e.g. those with high concentrations of silicates, sulphates and phosphates, will not quickly be dissolved by the Hydroflow unit. In such cases it is recommended that systems containing such encrusting scale should be chemically cleaned. Once cleaned the system should stay clear thereafter.

The Hydroflow unit/s comply fully with EMC Regulations. However, in the presence of a weak or attenuated signal, interference on radio equipment operating on the long wave band may be experienced.

Are they CSA approved?

Yes. All products sold at HydroFlow Canada are CSA Approved for the North American Market. Our products are also CE and UL approved for world-wide use.

After fitting Hydroflow is the water supply just as drinkable as before?

HydroFLOW™ does not change the chemical composition of the water supply. It works purely on a physical basis, leaving the water completely drinkable, and essential minerals that were present before are retained in the water, without any changes. Provided of course, the water supply was drinkable before.

Where is it installed? Is an electric supply required?

HydroFLOW™ is installed on the main cold feed before the hot water tank.

HydroFLOW™ residential/domestic models plug into a standard outlet. We recommend plugging the unit into a power bar or surge protector for your benefit. The power cord that comes with the unit is approx. 6ft in length. Commercial models have a PSU adapter. Please contact us for commercial applications.

How do I know my unit is working?

Firstly you must see that the light is on. With the domestic and small commercial models this will be a red light. With the large industrial units the PSU has a red and green light. This light not only shows the unit has power, but that the signal is propagating throughout the whole system. If the light is dimmed, it may be that the model is placed within a short circuit and cannot propagate throughout the system.

Is lime scale or hard water bad for one’s health?

No. Lime scale contains minerals (such as calcium) that is good for teeth and bones. If anything, hard water is good for you. It may be bad for heating elements, and plumbing, but the calcium and magnesium is actually beneficial to us in drinking water. It may clog up pipe work in plumbing, but research has suggested a link between hard water and lower cardiovascular disease mortality. One of the advantages of using our eco-friendly electronic water treatment device is that the beneficial minerals are not removed.

Where does lime scale go?

Lime scale comes out with flow. Without Hydropath technology lime scale will adhere to heat exchangers, internal pipes, shower heads, taps etc. Lime scale causes your energy costs to rise as the water flow depletes. Our clients have reported an increase in water pressure after the lime scale has been removed.

Does Hydropath technology work on plastic pipes?
Yes as our technology is induction.
How much does the Hydroflow HS cost to run?

HydroFLOW™ only uses a maximum power of 1.2 watts, when connected to the mains supply, through its 12v AC transformer. This very low power consumption means that it costs, approximately $3.00 a year to run.
(This price, however depends on the electricity prices current at the time).

Do the Hydroflow™ household products require any special treatment or maintenance?

No. Our household products do not require any plumbing or special treatment. The device operates by means of solid-state technology and has no moving parts, such that its operation is ensured for years without requiring maintenance.

What is the maximum water hardness level that HydroFLOW™ works?

There is no maximum level of hardness which limits HydroFLOW™’s effectiveness. HydroFLOW™ works on all levels of water hardness.

Can I use it at the cottage?

Yes! HydroFLOW™ can be used at home or in any situation that employs the use of water. (Ex; RV’s, Boats etc.).

Where is the HS residential model installed?

The HS model is installed on the cold water line before the hot water tank. It treats both the cold and hot water with the patented technology.

I have a traditional water softener at the moment; can I use HydroFLOW technology together?

Of course, some people like the feeling and the aesthetics’ that a salt water softener produces. Using HydroFLOW technology in conjunction will allow the user to dial down the softener to a level that suits their preference whilst benefiting from the protection of the HydroFLOW technology, this would equate to a reduction in salt use and backwashing.

With a HydroFLOW water conditioner, can I achieve the same aesthetics as traditional water softener?

As the whole concept of our technology is to keep the water natural (keeping the minerals in solution), through our technology the greatest benefits are the energy savings and the increased longevity of equipment. Keeping plumbing systems free from the build-up of encrusting scale, and reversing scale that has already built up within the system. Aesthetics can be achieved through the use of eco-friendly citrus based products in conjunction with our technology.

What testing has been done to prove this technology works?

We have commissioned OnSpeX, a division of CSA Group, which is a internationally recognized facility to evaluate and record our findings.

OnSpeX is a new, value-added concept in consumer product evaluation and consulting services, focused on consumer hardlines. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio USA, OnSpeX was developed, in large part, as the result of inquiries from major retailers and certification testing customers of CSA International.

Program Description:

  • 2 Rheem (model # Rheem RTG-74PVN) instantaneous water heaters were used. One was equipped with a HydroFlow HS38 unit and other was not.
  • 200 feet of 3/4″ diameter copper pipe were attached to the outlet of each individual heaters.
  • Each run will have a total of eighteen (18) 90° elbows and one restriction near the end from 3/4″ pipe down to 1/2″ pipe to simulate a faucet or other device found in household plumbing.
  • The HS38 will be installed on the inlet copper piping, one foot (1′) from the heater inlet.

Testing Parameters:

  • Inlet water maintained at 65°F.
  • Outlet to be set at 120°F or heater maximum operating temperature.
  • Water hardness will be maintained at 500PPM Calcium level, to read and adjusted twice a day.
  • Flows will be recorded twice a day.
  • Cycle time will be on fifteen (15) minutes then off with no water flow for forty five (45) minutes.
  • The chemical makeup of the hard water for the test was a result of using 98% agricultural grade powdered limestone and 2% calcium chloride mixed with de ionized water. No mechanical gas or electrical connections were shared in common with any other heater at any time during these tests.

Test Results:

  • The HS38 Rheem unit equipped water heater ran for 6 weeks with no appreciable decrease in flow despite the hard water conditions.
  • The Rheem unit without the HS38 on it was shut down because of flow below the test parameters of 1.0 gallons per minute after 39 days.

Executive Summary:

  • After six weeks of testing the flow remained at 3.0 gallons per minute. The test was determined by prior agreement from us and OnSpeX, the testing agency. The HS38 Rheem unit has kept the hard water from depositing enough minerals to impair heater operation during this series of time accelerated testing. Analysis of the deposits and flow readings indicate that the HS38 is effective in preventing clogging due to calcium carbonate buildup.
  • Analysis of the Rheem unit without the HydroFlow HS38 on it:
  • This test was conclusive. The Rheem unit with no HS38 installed was shut down because of flow below the test parameters of 1.0 gallons per minute after 39 days.

You may always visit our office to read more case studies in person. HydroFlow Canada encourages you the client/customer to research our patented unique technology and make your own educated conclusion. You will find that our product is the only one of its kind and is the GREEN alternative to protect you from hard water damage.

Can I take it with me when I move?

YES! Unlike a traditional water softener that requires plumbing, the HydroFlow units are space saving and require no plumbing whatsoever and therefore are easily un-installed and re-installed in a new location. Perfect for people on the move.

What about any recognized associations?

Canadian Water Quality Association:

We are the ONLY PRODUCT OF ITS KIND (electronic) recognized by the Canadian Water Quality Association due to our world-wide patented technology. No other electronic water conditioner treatment can compare. We have proven test results and our technology is used globally by millions. No other electronic water treatment is recognized by this association, and in fact, the CWQA does not recommend any magnetic or wire-wrap devices as they do not have any solid proven results. HydroFlow Canada Inc. has been a member of the CWQA since 2009. THE CWQA DOES NOT ENDORSE OUR PRODUCT ONLY RECOGNIZES THE TECHNOLOGY EXSITS.

British Gas:

The experts at British Gas have been implementing the HydroFlow system since 1994. HydroFlow is the only hard water treatment recognized by this respectable energy company. In fact, British Gas had a leading hand in developing this outstanding technology.


The Israel Gas company is only using Hydropath technology. It is proven, tested and guaranteed to work and is the only product recommended by them.

What if I suspect bacteria in my water?

If you suspect your water has been contaminated, please check with your local governments to find the nearest qualified licensed professional. If you live in Ontario, please click here. Our products do not purify drinking water.

Do you have case studies featuring your products?

To view a case study please click here.
You may also view our testimonials page.
You may also want to come in to our office and view the case studies that are too big in file size to put up on our website. HydroFlow Canada wants to educate our customers and the public about our unique technology. We are the breakthrough technology in water conditioning. HydroFlow is the first original and world-wide patented water conditioner.

Does the signal have an effect on sensitive electrical equipment?

No, the signal is a long wave radio signal on a frequency of 100-200KHz and conforms to European and International Directives including the Low Voltage Directive. Therefore radios, phones or sensitive electrical equipment such as pacemakers will not be affected.

What is the difference between the small residential ranges and large industrial ones?

One main difference is the different power output per cubic millimeter. This simply means the industrial model like the Aquaklear P treats a larger volume of water than say the Aquaklear J62. Please seek advice from your local dealer or contact our head office for an application quote.

Are there any special recommendations with regards to tankless water heaters?

It is highly recommended as per tankless manufacturers that a pre sediment filter is installed on the cold line feeding the boiler. This will prevent premature clogging of the small filter which is in the boiler.